Take a minute today to love on your cat…


Miss Ebony Allan Poe.

A little break today from working on the book, and ghost story research, to enjoy some sunshine, some Rocky Mountain PBS, and some laptime with Ebony Allan Poe (or “Ebby” or “Baggy”, short for “Baggy Butt”—a name she got for the profusion of long hair that grows on her hind quarters that reminded us of those too-low baggy jeans the rappers of the 1990s wore, which left their rear ends hanging out 😆). She’s kind-of gotten the nickname “crazy daddy’s girl” as she tends to be drawn more to me (crazy daddy) whereas our other cat is definitely drawn to my significant other (calm & quiet daddy).

We rescued this little long-haired mix as a kitten barely old enough to be on her own; she’d been found behind a local shopping center. (She had most likely been pregnant and had been recently spayed.) Her cage at the rescue center was not labeled and so she shouldn’t have been for sale. She was very skinny and seemed malnourished. Through some miracle, though, we were allowed to adopt this little girl, who now shares a home with two dads, an older brother Russian blue (another rescue), two budgies, and a finch, that she stalks every day hoping dad will change his mind and let her catch and eat it.

Laptime is a daily desire of hers, she seems a bit obsessed with the idea, and that may have something to do with her youth as a stray; but Dad is busy on his laptop and iPad and lost in books so often that she’s unable to get more than a few moments to rest here, lately.

So, today Ebony and I are bonding.


Have a lovely day, friends!—filled with sunshine, both real and of your own making.

And have I said lately “Thank You” for following The Sanguine Woods? And my other blogs? Over at Haint-Blue Sudders and The Gothic Tower? I’ve started a couple new ones, too: thecoloradocucina.wordpress.com; andstilleyerise.wordpress.com; theorientaloccidental.wordpress.com; and mrgaybeatstheblues.wordpress.com (there’s a list on the “About the Blogger” page).

The Sanguine Woods is where my home is though. I see all of your comments and emails, your Likes and your Follows. I am humbled and comforted by our common desires and your enjoyment of my shares. It brings me great joy to connect with you!

Blessings for your week…


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