The Borough Poisoner (aka. The Bloody Barber) Watched His Three Wives Die Slow & Painful Deaths…


Known as the “Borough Poisoner”, serial killer George Chapman was born Seweryn Antonowicz Kłosowski in 1865 in Congress, Poland (he also used other aliases, such as “Ludwig Schloski”). In 1903, Chapman was hanged at London’s HM Prison Wandsworth at the age of 37 for the murder of three of his wives between 1897 and 1902. As an adult, Chapman moved from Poland to England, where he was a barber, and where he got work as a barber and engaged in his crimes. He was arrested in 1902, when the mother of his third and last wife, suspected foul play: Chapman had poisoned all three women, slowly, by placing a chemical in their drinking water, tea, and broth; he would then feign concern as he “nursed” then and watched them grow ill, all the while feeding them more and more of the poisoned liquid. Chapman, however insidious his crimes as a poisoner, is mostly remembered today, however, due to his being suspected by Scotland Yard as a potential candidate for the Jack the Ripper crimes in Whitechapel.

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