After Lives: Stories About Life After Death ed. by Pamela Sargent & Ian Watson, 1986, TOC

The Gothic Tower


Table of Contents

xi • Introduction (Afterlives) • essay by Ian Watson and Pamela Sargent
1 • The American Book of the Dead • novelette by Jody Scott
29 • Time of Passage • (1964) • short story by J. G. Ballard
47 • Of Space-Time and the River • (1985) • novelette by Gregory Benford
89 • Out of My Head • novelette by James E. Gunn [as by James Gunn]
113 • A Work of Art • (1956) • novelette by James Blish
137 • The Rapture • poem by Thomas M. Disch [as by Tom Disch]
139 • Wood • novelette by Michael N. Langford
161 • A Woman’s Life • short story by W. Warren Wagar
179 • Into That Good Night • novelette by James A. Stevens [as by James Stevens]
217 • Prometheus’s Ghost • novelette by Chet Williamson
247 • Small Change •…

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