A Dark Muse: A History of the Occult by Gary Lachman—TOC, Introduction, Links

The Witches’ Cellar


  • Part 1 Introduction: A Dark Muse 13
  • Enlightenment Occultism 17
  • Romantic Occultism 64
  • Satanic Occultism 127
  • Fin de siecle Occultism 152
  • The Modernist Occultist 226
  • Part 2 Selected Texts 271
  • Selected Bibliography 381

“Initiates’ wandering did not differ from ordinary travels for study except that their itinerary, though apparently haphazard, rigorously coincided with the adept’s most secret aspirations and gifts …”  – O.V. de L. Milosz


Hidden, secret, esoteric, unknown: these are some dictionary definitions for “occult.” The word itself has its roots in the Latin occulo, to hide, and is linked to the technical astronomical term “occultation,” as when one heavenly body obscures or “occludes” another by passing in front of it. In the popular part mind however, “the occult” is an all-purpose term indicating a variety of things, from Satanism, witchcraft and tabloid horoscopes, to internet psychics and UFOs.

Although not entirely incorrect, this catch-all phrase…

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