U Need 2 Know: Found in a Bathtub w 12 Slashes per Wrist? “The Octopus File”, Govt. Corruption, & The Murder-Cover-Up of Journalist Danny Casolaro…

The Extraterrestrial Highway

FAC986C7-10D2-4CEE-93A1-10EAA6DA4017Reporter Danny Casolaro just before his murder. A beautiful, intelligent, purposeful life “snuffed out” because he hit “too close” to one of the secrets perpetrated on the American public by a secretive government and corrupt corporate activities.

‘Joseph Daniel “Danny” Casolaro’s family and friends buried him on August 16. Less than a week later, feeling a little like a vulture, I joined a handful of reporters at Nightline’s Washington headquarters to pick over the notes and files left behind by the forty-four-year- old Washington free-lancer known to his friends as Danny.

His brother Anthony, a doctor in suburban Washington, had gathered the materials and given them to Nightline after staff members there offered to keep the documents safe. Dr. Casolaro also agreed to allow some of the reporters who had been working the same ground as Danny to go through the files.

As he spoke with each reporter, the doctor…

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