What’s on the Tube? “Crazy Head”—A Netflix Original Series. It’s Buffy Meets Vampire Diaries Meets Being Human (the good one w/ Russell Tovey in it)…


“Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little boy like you…”

Just started this brilly little British mashup about two ladies who fight demons. Episode 1 has a cool remake of the song “Spooky” that caught my attention. The show has definitely got a teen-age bent—But…it’s also an old-school bent. A sharp angle. It knows where it’s going and I like that. It’s witty. It’s playful. It’s got demons. And it’s funny. 👍👍👍

08E48F92-FF7E-4234-A84E-5211C5513842Check out its Rotten Tomatoes Score! 

Left: Critics Consensus—A brilliantly bonkers blend of comedy and horror, Crazyhead slays thanks in large part to Cara Theobold and Susan Wokoma’s dynamic chemistry.

Episode Synopses:


According to the folks over at nerdist.com: “CRAZYHEAD ON NETFLIX IS THE BEST NEW SHOW YOU’RE NOT WATCHING!”


Here’s their review:

‘Netflix has been springing a few new streaming surprises on us just in time for the holidays–that perfect binge-watching time of year–but there’s one show that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s E4 import series Crazyhead, and it’s what you get when you blend the Buffy aesthetic of young women kicking demon butt with the delightfully irreverent humor of Misfits–which makes sense, considering it’s the brainchild of Misfits series creator Howard Overman.


The series starts with Amy (Cara Theobold), a bowling alley employee who lives a rather unassuming life until the day she discovers she’s a “seer” – a person who has the ability to see demons hiding in plain sight. When she’s attacked by a demon outside of a nightclub, she’s rescued by Raquel (Susan Wokoma), another seer who has pretty much made hunting her favorite pastime. Amy’s initial reluctance to believe and even befriend Raquel is quickly dashed after her best friend Suzanne (Riann Steele) gets unexpectedly possessed and the two have to come together in order to perform an exorcism.

Overman once cited the pervasiveness of everyday sexism as the catalyst for creating Crazyhead, but the show is about much more than girls kicking ass. As is often the case in many supernaturally based shows, both Amy and Raquel come to learn that they each have special abilities that could either be a help or a hindrance in trying to stop the world ending–but their banding together as friends and formidable hunters is as strong a wrench in the Big Bad’s plan. No wonder the demons are constantly trying to force them apart; it’s the power of Amy and Raquel’s friendship that proves to be the biggest threat.


The best part about Crazyhead is that it peppers humor throughout the action; co-stars Theobold and Wokoma bounce off each other with the perfect balance of energy. There’s also a strong supporting cast to round out the story, including Lewis Reeves as Amy’s hapless friend Jake, Arinze Kene as Raquel’s brother Tyler (whom Amy just so happens to be crushing on) and Tony Curran as Raquel’s psychiatrist Callum. Artists like Gin Wigmore (who provides the show’s theme), Elle King, Dusty Springfield and The Kills offer the perfect backing soundtrack to watching Amy and Raquel get their hunt on. (There’s a particularly memorable scene in one episode set to Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s most famous hit, “Relax.”)

Clocking in at only six episodes, Crazyhead is the perfect show for you to watch over your holiday break. While the second half drags a little more than the first, overall it’s a solid first installment that delivers laughs in spades and will leave you eagerly waiting for confirmation of a season 2.’




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