My Ivy—Endora…

I like plants. I especially like ivy in all its variegated forms. I’m weird, though, ‘cause I have to name them.

Go on. Judge me. 🍃😄🌿


I rescued “Endora” from a local home and garden store where she’d been over-watered and wasn’t getting any sunshine. 🙁

I’m a native Floridian. Well, kind of. At a young age, I was transplanted to the mountains of Colorado, where I learned that, as beautiful as the subtropics are…and they are—ANYTHING and EVERYTHING grows there—Colorado’s height and dry climate is where I belong.

I spent another 20 years living on Florida’s Gulf coast beginning in the late 1980s raising two kids; and then, I relocated to the mountains again in 2005, and I’ve been here since.

Above: Twists and turns make ivies lovely and a little creepy. Ssssserpentine. Or maybe it’s their tendency to run wild and cover the entire outer walls of haunted English manor houses. I’ll bet they even draped the walls of Medieval castles, spilling into moats and cascading over stone bridges. 🤙⚔️ (Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

I think having both climates and cultures and geographies in my past, I have a love for a variety of flora that makes the challenge of growing lush green things in the western US a bit of an obsession for me.

I especially love the reward you get for being a caring green thumb—those shiny new little baby leaves, reaching toward the sun for the first time.


Lots of new little shoots reaching for the sunshine are signs that your ivy is content and doing what it was designed by the Universe to do. ✌️🍀

Which brings me to Endora.

I rescued her from a Lowe’s store, where she had been over-watered and under-loved.

And her name? I’ve always been a fan of Agnes Moorhead. I took one look at those leafy spears, twisting and turning like little green flames…the edges glowing…



Ivy Images (c)SanguineWoods, 2018. All rights reserved. Endora gif: tumblr.

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