Just Try & Resist Someone Enveloped in TOCCA—Sex Appeal Just Got A Little More Intriguing 🌸

Love Yourself 💕


I was tempted to say “Touch Yourself” 😱 (Tocca means “touch” in Italian)—but that might come across as…indiscreet.

I don’t view The Sanguine Woods as a place to sell things—nor do I want it to ever become a site that promotes anything toward a monetary end.

But—I swear to the Goddess above—I’m in love with this brand. Marketing, Packaging, Quality, Simplicity of Design, Vision, Eloquence—there’s a unique and pristine sense of Class, Style & Loveliness here. “Love yourself” they say at TOCCA.com.

Love everyone wearing it, I say.


My favorite: Florence. Italian Bergamot, Limon, Gardenia…like moonlight spilling soft on a Tuscan garden moist with the dew of an evening just spent reading ancient Roman quatrains to your lover(s). 


‘A hand-crafted collection of exquisite beauty products, designed to bring cherished inspirations from around the world to you.’

‘TOCCA was born out of friendship, wanderlust and a lot of love. We started as a young group of friends, who loved travel, and the discovery of beautiful people, places & things. Our curiosity for textures & embroideries, scents & gardens led us into the world of artisanal fashion & beauty.’

‘TOCCA…stands true to its roots. We create with passion and an appreciation for the time it takes to manifest true beauty. We found our sole purpose … to create beauty that combines an appreciation for vintage femininity with a dose of modern confidence woven in.’

‘Ever grateful for the discerning who have discovered us, we invite you to share in the wonder and beauty that is TOCCA.’

Love Yourself.


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