What’s on the Tube? Alien Code—A Surprisingly Good Indie Film! 👽👽👽



I really liked the actor in the lead role, Kyle Gallner. He’s got levels and doesn’t blast them to the world. He’s smart. So smart, a “corporation” wants him to solve a cryptic code found on a satellite orbiting Earth…most likely from the future. They sedate him and take him somewhere to do the work. What he finds is pretty intriguing.

The score is thoughtful. And the scenario is very realistic. It’s a minimalistic approach to WWIII conspiracies with a Donnie Darko kinda time twist…all tastefully done. And that’s my kind of movie. I’d watch it again..


Grabbed this for $9.99 at WalMart. This film is really good! 

“Cryptographer Alex Jacobs finds himself recruited and sent to a secret lab to decipher an encrypted message. After breaking the code that is housed inside a mysterious satellite, Alex becomes convinced that the message is a disturbing warning…from the future. Once he returns home, a string of unexplainable incidents start happening, creating confusion and setting events into motion. Alex finds himself caught up in an unexpected journey to discover the reality about the warnings and himself.”

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced the home release information (DVD) for Alien Code.

A mind-bending psychological drama in the vein of Donnie Darko and 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien Code stars Kyle Gallner (American Sniper, “Veronica Mars”) and Azura Skye (28 DaysOne Missed Call), with Mary McCormack (“In Plain Sight,” “The West Wing”) and Emmy® winner Richard Schiff (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, “The West Wing,” 1999).

Directed by Sam Havenhurst and written by Michael G. Cooney, Alien Code is produced by John P. Aguirre and Khiow Hui Lim and executive produced by Bianca Chen and Simon Yu.

Cast: Neil Arnote, Aaron Behr, Tate Birchmore, Kyle Gallner, Graham Hamilton, Joshua Lang, Mary McCormack, Brett Newton, Richard Schiff, Noah Scott, Azura Skye.


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