“A Symphony in Steel” by Tim Huhn, Oil on Canvas


Tim Huhn’s “A Symphony in Steel”, Oil on Canvas, celebrates the American ingenuity and wonder that is California’s Golden Gate Bridge.

To this day California’s Golden Gate bridge stands its ground as one of the United States‘ most iconic landmarks. With as much history behind its construction as steel in its foundation, we felt the bridge deserved a special tribute piece. Much like the planning and construction of the massive structure itself, the painting of this breathtaking piece went through several development phases.

Artist, Tim Huhn began the process with a pencil drawing (below) to study and perfect the composition of the piece. And like the original blueprints of a construction project, these initial drawings paved the road to what later would become a study painting exploring lines and edges, perspective, and color schemes; and finally, the finished piece in all of its glory and beauty.


Initial sketch of the planned painting by artist Tim Huhn.


Huhn’s “study painting” for the final planning of the piece.

Source: https://www.justlookinggallery.com/blog/

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