“Dear Mr. Trump”—My letter to the man who is not my president…

I rarely do politics here at The Sanguine Woods. But it’s been four years…and I love my country too much to be silent any longer.

To the victims of fascism, then and now, and to all who fight fascism, despotism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, and other dangers to democracy and freedom in others, and in themselves.

“Every age has its own Fascism.” —Primo Levi

Dear Mr. Trump,

I don’t usually use words like evil for obvious reasons, and I’m not all that religious; but if there’s ever been a cauldron of quiet terror bubbling over an evil flame it’s you, man, your mind, your psychology, your narcissism, your psychopathy; your ties to the large banking families and ritualistic societies that are older than most of our nations–you’re a man that we need to be sure is not re-elected; but with the Russians tampering with our voting system, which has been shown to be a truth, I’m very concerned we are losing our democracy right before our very eyes and it’s going to happen so fast we are going to be dumbfounded and angry but unprepared for any means with which to change it. We’ve caught you saying things that explicitly go against The Constitution of the United States of America, like “America will have a lifetime President”…well we all know what that’s a euphemism for…and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of taking issue with these things on the right or the center or the left. I would say the proletariat always rises…But to be frank, Mr. Trump, and you know this to be true, in America, much of the proletariat—our “working class”—is on the right, and you already have them suckling at the teat. “What we see happening to the United States of America Ladies and Gentlemen is called a coup!” I want to yell. But no one is listening. I’m afraid it has been a long time coming, at least from the time of Kennedy’s murder …perhaps earlier. Mr. Trump, you’re no fool. People who think you are, are ignorant, and only getting their news from Social Media platforms, which are under your watch and control. If Russia can hack our secure network, then nothing is really private anymore or safe, is it? Your parents were white supremacists—and intelligent Americans know that that belief system is not just about race; it is much bigger and much darker than race. It’s about control; and power in the hands of the select. You, Sir, are tied to the most powerful people and organizations on the planet; and the prize for winning this battle with democracy is control over a “free”—perhaps the greatest—nation that has some of the world’s most dangerous resources. Let’s not mince words. You want her, bad, don’t you? Of course you do. Men like you want everything. But you forget that she is our nation, where my immigrant ancestors saw a light and followed it to welcoming shores. We are Italians and Germans and French and Irish. We are legion, sir; and we don’t want your grubby little priveledged hands all over America. She’s our Mother Land; and damned if we, her sons and daughters, are going to sit by and watch you abduct, rape, abuse, and manipulate her—for your own private gain—under the clever little fascist ruse of making her “great again”. She was great before you. And she will be great long after you. It’s all a show for you, Mr. Trump. I see you on camera, fondling the populist machine, your children watching Daddy from the wings… This is about the name “Trump”. This is about LEGACY. God help you, Sir.

God help us all,


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