“On the Dark Side of Sunlight Basin”—A Great Vampire Story by Michael Koryta from Seize the Night: New Tales of Vampiric Terror!

Just finished a great vampire story by Michael Koryta called “On the Dark Side of Sunlight Basin” and it scared me right into insomnia! Very well written and conceived. But keep a 💡 on!

Here’s an excerpt from the story and a link to get the book!


Excerpt from “On the Sark Side of Sunlight Basin” by Michael Koryta…

‘”The fuck is the matter with you? I had a chance to shoot a wolf, and you—”

“First of all, you don’t have a wolf tag, you idiot. You’d be poaching. Second, you didn’t have a chance to shoot them, and you just proved it. If we ever did see a sheep that wasn’t smart enough to clear out from all the damn noise you make, you’d still never hit it.”

Medoc scrambled back to his feet, his face hot with anger. Joe was ready for a fight but realized once the man was upright that he was closer to tears than he was to blows. He looked away from Joe, out to the place where the wolves had abandoned their kill during the gunfire, and said, “Okay, Tonto. We’re going to get that sheep.”

“Like hell. And you call me that one more time, you’ll be extracting your rifle from your small intestine.”

“I came for bighorn,” Medoc said. “It’s clear you aren’t going to be able to find one, so I’m taking that one.”

Joe had little use for the spiritual teachings of his people, but the feeling that washed over him then was carried from someplace far in the past.

“You don’t mess around with a sheep that was killed by a wolf, Medoc. You just don’t.”

“They’re not coming back for it. Not while we’re here. And that’s a damn nice rack.”

“The rack doesn’t matter. The wolves coming back don’t matter, either. What I’m saying is, is…” He stuttered to a stop, unable to give voice to the fear.

“What?” Medoc said. “For the love of Christ, just say what you mean.”

Joe didn’t want to say what he meant. He didn’t believe in it himself, had no intention of repeating the words to anyone, let alone to this white man, this arrogant prick of a white man who believed he could just buy someone like Joe, truly buy him. But still…

“You don’t tamper with a sheep that’s been killed by a wolf,” he said. “It’s the way I was raised, understand? If you do…” He fought for the right words, and for an instant he thought he saw the gray wolf again, the one with the ruby-colored stains on her muzzle. “If you do, you run a risk. Those sheep, they’ve been marked. And not for us, okay? Not for mankind. You tamper with them, and you’re…you’re going to want blood.”

“Want blood?” Medoc’s face was incredulous.

“Yes. Not just want it. But need it. You’ll fear the sun even though it gives life. You’ll crave darkness and you’ll crave blood and you’ll fear the sun…”‘


Michael Koryta

Read the author’s comments about the story, here…


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