This Is My Creed

From a recent Facebook post of mine…in which I discovered my creed and added it to a photo of a Native American sharing in the joy of Mother Earth. I hope you will read it and feel its authenticity and its desire to bring you great peace.

I don’t have anything against people who hunt, wear camo, drive muddy trucks, show pride for the South, love their country. I drive muddy trucks. I’ve hunted before. I love my country. I love national and even regional pride. I own a few camo hats. I think I got a camo jock in the underwear drawer.

But what I can’t do is obsession or extremism with carrying guns, the false sense of true power they convey and your foolishness in falling for it, and hunting for the sport of it is something that I cannot forebear the older I get–this is not a judgement, this is a confession.

Never take more than you give

I will not tolerate profiles/posts that support killing something/hunting living creatures as an extremist sport. Case in point: a guy on here actually posted the bloody organs of the animals that he had just cut out of their bodies–minutes dead–he was photographing them and sharing them in a way that was challenging to understand. It felt off. It felt wrong. And that is my opinion.

Sorry man. I don’t dig it. We all came from hunter/gatherers no doubt. Food and survival and living off the land and forests. I can dig that.

The rest of that obsessive shit? Keep it in the backwoods. I don’t wanna see it. And just to show the doubters and the haters that I am not coming from a bad angle on this stance, I wrote down my thoughts in the attached. This is my creed. If you share it, send me a thumbs up.


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