Get Your Ghost On with Richard Estep’s: The Devil’s Coming to Get Me: The Haunting of Malvern Manor


Malvern Manor has been many things over the course of its long life. In the late 1800s it was a hotel catering to travelers and businessmen; then it was converted into a rest home for the sick and infirm; and finally, it became a privately-owned care facility, providing a home for the physically and mentally challenged of six counties. It was often the last refuge for those suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, and severe behavioral disorders.

Long after the building closed its doors for the final time, many people claim that some of those residents never left. Now a magnet for paranormal investigators, it is said that the abandoned rooms and hallways of Malvern Manor are haunted by the restless spirits of those who once called it home.

Does the spirit of a young hanging victim still linger upstairs, calling out for somebody to play with her? How can Rose, the haunted doll, move around inside her glass case without human intervention? Who is the aggressive shadow man that likes to attack visitors in the nursing wing? And what is the truth behind the malevolent entity that lurks on the second floor? Join author Richard Estep (TV’s “Haunted Case Files”) as he and his fellow paranormal investigators take up residence at Malvern Manor and embark on a search for answers.

“This is an excellent read! Richard does a wonderful job staying true to the spectacular history of this location.”

—Sarah Stream, resident paranormal investigator at Malvern Manor

A Note from the Author

Ever since I saw the place on Paranormal Lockdown, I was fascinated with the story of Malvern Manor. The colorful characters that were said to haunt the place were intriguing, and the sheer volume of eyewitness testimony was impressive. I just had to find out for myself how much of it was true.

That was why I moved into the Manor for four days and nights of investigation with a team of experienced paranormal investigators. With contributions from Johnny Houser (TV’s “Johnny Houser vs.”) and Ghost Hunters International’s Dustin Pari, to name just two, this book is my account of the investigation and the bigger story — our attempt to get to the bottom of the Malvern Manor haunting.
I hope that you enjoy it.

About the Author

Richard Estep is the author of numerous books in the paranormal non-fiction genre, including In Search of the Paranormal, The World’s Most Haunted Hospitals, The Haunting of Asylum 49, Spirits of the Cage, Trail of Terror, Haunted Longmont, The Fairfield Haunting: On the Gettysburg Ghost Trail, and Colorado UFOs.

His work has been featured on two seasons of the TV show Haunted Case Files, and he also appears in the forthcoming series Haunted Hospitals. Richard has been a paranormal investigator since 1995, researching allegedly haunted locations of both sides of the Atlantic.
He lives in Colorado with his wife, dog, and way too many cats.

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