Why Donald Trump Hates Thoreau’s Walden, or: “Do you want an armed soldier to point a gun at you & your kids & tell you what you are not allowed say at a football game or in the food court or in church?

This letter, from a concerned citizen who loves America regardless of its beliefs, race, orientation, gender, political faction, &tc. I wanted to share it because it is so powerful!

Dear United States of America:

“There are solider with assault rifles stationed at walden Pond.”

Mr. Trump doesn’t like people like Henry David Thoreau. People who demonstrate—even calmly—concern Mr. Trump.

“You’re an American,” Mr. Trump says: “act happy.”

But what if we aren’t?

Happy that is.

What if we feel as though we have no voice? And so we decide to show our unhappiness with being told what to do and how to live by moving out to the woods, near a lake or a pond, and build a little cabin with our own hands, and decide we aren’t going to tolerate the way things are going in our nation. So we decide to live off the land—OUR LAND—and we grow food and we write a journal or a diary about our thoughts and concerns and philosophize in writing about how we would like to see things change in our nation. What if we then want to have those writings published?

Well, sorry Mr. Thoreau. Under Mr. Trump you’d most likely be arrested and imprisoned, just to shut you up. But why? You’re not a violent man. You’re not a dangerous man are you, Mr. Thoreau. Oh, but you own a pen, Sir. And worse: you know how to use it.

You see, Mr. Thoreau, words are dangerous. They can be used to call attention to things—things better kept hidden—you know—from “the masses”. “Yes, I know you’re a free citizen of the United States of America, Mr. Thoreau. But that doesn’t give you the right to demonstrate your feelings like this. People are watching you. Americans are HAPPY PEOPLE, Mr. Thoreau. We don’t want to stir up a thought otherwise, now, do we? Of course we don’t. So take down your cute little house by the pond, and get back to living like a NORMAL American citizen. Oh, and we’ll just hold on to those diaries and journals for you.”


America: You are Powerful.

America: You Can Make a Difference in 2020.

If you vote for Trump in 2020…you will soon see armed soldiers at your football games. And at your children’s baseball games. Is that what you want? They’ll also be at your church services, America: Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Jewish, Muslim—they’ll be standing under the stained glass windows that your late grandmother loved, in camo fatigues with straps of bullets crisscrossing their chests and high powered rifles or machine guns on their shoulders.

I challenge the amazing graffiti artists we have in America to do this mural on the walll of every major city in the US. It’s our responsibility to make the citizens of the USA aware of the danger our country is facing; not from Trump himself—he’s just a man, gay hater, an African American hater, a Latino American hater a woman hater, a white supremaciat racist—and we have tons of these types of men in our history, sadly. So Trump as a man? He’s nothing. We have seen better men.

But Trump as a President—-for four more years—THAT would be deadly. It would give him more time to put his plan into operation—and here’s his plan: to turn these Unites States that we LOVE—and all we pride ourselves on being to the world—into a militant fascist state—a constituency of brainwashed citizens waiting for something that he is working out to appear like only he can give…Namely, “protection”. But via A DICTATORSHIP. BE CAREFUL THOUGH BECAUSE HE WON’T CALL IT THAT.

Mr. Trump thinks we are stupid. He thinks Americans are easily fooled. He distracts us. He watches us closely. He will not waver until he gets what he wants. He weaves back and forth, casually. Back and forth like a hypnotist’s watch on a gold chain. His grin is set. His tongue smells the fear in the air. He likes fear in the air. He is a cobra watching a mongoose. But what Mr. Trump doesn’t remember is that the mongoose was designed for one thing—to take the cobra out. And therein lies his weakness.

We don’t need Mr. Trump’s protection, America. We can take care of ourselves. Haven’t we proven this to ourselves since 1776?

But we have endured some very hard things since 9/11/2001 haven’t we? And we’re wounded as a nation. And wounds hurt. We have lost loved ones. And we have lost our sense of safety. And that’s unnerving. All this is true. But the fact that only Mr. Trump can protect us? That’s not true. And we know it isn’t. Only WE can protect us.

Like our forefathers did. Did they turn to a despot to “save” them when England was over taxing us and telling us who we were and what we could do? When another country was telling us that it owned us? That the land on which we birthed our babies—and built our homes—and toiled with our bare hands—wasn’t ours?

Did our forefathers bow down and say you’re right, we are nothing and we need another country and a King or a Queen to run our lives for us? No, Sir; no Ma’am; they did not.


Why now, with the 2020 election looming on the American horizon are we even considering keeping a leader in power who wants to do this to us again? Isn’t that disrespectful to our forefathers? For the blood shed on the Revolutionary battle field? Did our Freedom Fighters die in vain?

Remember once Mr. Trump moves his troops into our churches and schools and malls and libraries and day cares and night clubs and camp grounds, and theme parks—guess what? HE then controls the guns they carry.

Think Cuba under Castro. Remember how soldiers broke in in the night just to remove their Bibles? Their children screaming in fright at the semi-automatics pointed at them and at their mommies and daddies. They weren’t ALLOWED to be religious. Later, Castro’s men broke in in the night again, and stole their Daddy and their Mommy for “crimes” that hadn’t been crimes a day earlier.

But Dictators can be fickle like that. And they are in charge of deciding—very quickly if convenient—what is a law and what, suddenly, isn’t.

Do we want guns in the hands of soldiers employed by the Federal government telling us what to read? What to have on our computers? What we have framed on our living room walls? What we’re allowed to put on billboards and what types of people we can date and have sex with? What we are allowed to wear? What we can say in certain public buildings? What we AREN’T allowed to say in public buildings?

How—if we aren’t happy with something that is happening in OUR COUNTRY—will we express ourselves under a Trump Regime? If we aren’t allowed to picket or hold meetings on courthouse steps or display—at all—our contempt for, our disdain about—our fear of what is being forced upon our families, our children? What kind of parents will we be when we HAVE NO SAY over what is taught to and done to our children? How safe will they feel in their beds at night knowing we can’t help them after all because we have been rendered POWERLESS? I don’t want to answer that.

What will we do when we are told what is allowed in OUR libraries and what will be BURNED? Like To Kill a Mockingbird (because “white people dont do that to black people”)? Or Fahrenheit 451 (because “what gibberish!”)? Or Brokeback Mountian (“because men don’t fall in love with other men—especially cowboys!)? Or the feminist writings of Roxanne Gay or Camille Paglia (because “Women aren’t as smart as men and should just be quiet.”)?

Do you want your children to be told in school that—-if they are caught reading the poetry of Latino or Black poets like Rita Dove or Pablo Neruda? Or gay poets like Walt Whitman or Audre Lorde? Or mentally ill or femal poets like Sylvia Plath or Ann Sexton? Or strong poets that stood up to men like Emily Dickinson or Virginia Woolf?—they will be punished? Shamed? Bullied? for reading?

Do you want to be told which car brands and models and makes you are allowed to buy in your state and which you are not allowed to buy? What if you like Hummers or Land Rovers or Cadillacs or Toyotas? Or Ferraris or Bentleys or Mustangs or what if you like buying a certain foreign part for your car but you aren’t allowed to anymore because trade embargoes are in place; and soldiers are stationed at the major ports all over the United States.

You will use THIS brand. Period. And a gun is in your face at the market? You will support the economy THIS way. You will turn your neighbor in for doing it THAT way…AND your mother or your father…AND your spouse…AND your son and daughter…

This is not a pretty picture. But…

This is how a Dictator moves “subtly” into power…

Trump’s plan is to set up false flag situations and these violent demonstrations like the bombs sent to Obama and Clinton and get us to notice only the violence then say things like “it wouldn’t have happened if armed guards had been at the synagogue”—like we would have guns in a religious building—then he can implement his next plan: military occupation, military law, &tc. and with the school shootings and history of homeland terrorist attacks like 9/11 still in our minds…we are sitting ducks for his little plan aren’t we?

Don’t be fooled when this occurs. Remember I told you so. It’s begun.

Soon…the Dictator rises.

Let’s stop him before he does.


You are powerful ladies and gentleman.

And intelligent.

And compassionate.

You love America.

Show her how much in November 2020.

We can do this.


A Concerned Citizen of the Greatest Nation in the World.

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