Attract Love & Lust: An Incantation


This is an old family spell. You can only cast it ONCE during a full moon. It will romantically/sexually attract people to you whom you love.


  • cauldron/pot
  • thread of string
  • candle/wooden match
  • wild pink flower
  • wild white flower
  • water
  • storage jar (optional)

Casting Instructions:

1. Light candle.

2. Fill cauldron with water. Go outside and pick flowers—as you pick them say:

“May your life be filled with love and lust, perfect peace and perfect trust.”

3. Put flowers in cauldron with water and swirl without touching or getting hands wet.

4. While swirling the pot, envision the desired one’s face, and cast:

“May your life be filled with lust like the pink flowers, and love as the white.”

5. Use your candle to light the string on fire and swirl over the cauldron and cast:

“May your lust/love for me be like this flame and never burn out.”

Place the burning string in the water & cast:

“This my will so mote it be.”


Note: Store the spell water in a jar if desired should you want to use it on yourself or someone else. Just take a few drops from the jar after the spell is cast and draw a cross with the water and your finger on your/their forehead. This can also be done directly from the cauldron if the person is present during casting.

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