The Enlightened Luciferian–An Introduction & Link!


If you are a Luciferian, or even remotely curious about or interested in Luciferiniasm; if you’re not very religious, or not anymore; if you question a lot of things that most people will not question because of fear of scorn or ridicule or resentment; if you are at even a little open minded–then this book is for you.

The Enlightened Luciferian covers the basics of Luciferianism; there is additional information that I had intended to place in this book but that I decided to save for its sequel–as I hope to write a trilogy for this series.

Due to the adult content I mention in this book, I advise strongly that reading discretion be used. Some readers will not like this book because of my stance on religion; but I share it because I believe in the preservation of the human species; and I believe that religion is among the greatest obstacles to this, as is evidenced by some very tragic and unnecessary wars that have occurred in modern and ancient times (e.g., The Crusades) resulting in the loss of millions upon millions of innocent lives. Yet, we survivors are left wondering–still–which is the right religion, if any? For those of you who are offended by what I share here, I ask only that you hear me out. You picked this book up for a reason. As

As Luciferian, I am not here to judge you or say that you’re the ignorant one. As a Luciferian, I must respect (although I might disagree with) your opinion and judgments based on the topics that I discuss. This book is meant to demonstrate, encourage, and supply the reader with enlightened energy & knowledge. In no way, is it meant to be a book upholding any religion. On the contrary, it is designed to encourage every human being on planet earth to look beyond personal religion, to move beyond their dependency on bibles and religious artifacts, and answer to themselves.

This book is a proclamation that we are all gods. I will say that again! “You are a god!” The illusion that something or somebody is more powerful than you, is the illusion that religion wants you to believe. You control your fate & destiny! You control your own life! Best of all, you control your own world!

If you notice, throughout this book, I repeat a lot of the same and/or relevant information because I want to keep constantly reminding you of the necessary information that you need to program your mind with the mentality of “You can accomplish and conquer any obstacle in your life that threatens your attempt to reach success!” My aim is to make sure that you are the target; I am the one with the Bow of Knowledge; and, instead of aiming an arrow, I am aiming wisdom at you. You are my target; and my only desire in this book is to make sure that you use the wisdom available to get whatever it is that you want, whenever you want.

As a Luciferian, I represent the symbol of the Serpent, not here to deceive you, but to enlighten you…

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