Rebalancing Spell (The Sanguine Book of Shadows)


I will later post a Protection Spell I am formulating for this young man’s future safety and a rebalancing of his vision and trust in people and the planet. A shame that he should have to view the world so darkly at age 13. For now, I send him Hecate’s key 🔑. Protect him, Dear Goddess (So mote it be.).

And to you who expended this act of violent energy into the world and threw off the balance of love & protection…let’s rebalance things, shall we?

“Rééquilibrer, arrière tourner les mains.
Widdershins, dans le sens antihoraire.
May it come back on thee, doer of deed.
What thou hast done to him, malice and rage,
Retourner à toi par la règle de trois.
Four-cornered Watchmen bring wood from the Tree.
Enflammer ces mots. J’ai dit. So mote it be.”


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