A Spell to Draw Other Witches


This spell is for the solitary witch. It creates an aura around you that attracts witches, as well as hones your psychic mind to find witches when you’re out and about. best done during a full moon. you will need:

✦ A small pouch or bag

✦  A bell

✦  St. John’s wort (for protection against evil magic, clairvoyance, general magic)

✦  Loose Sugar + Sugar Cube (for good energy, attraction, summoning)

✦  A Small Handful of Whole Cloves (for gaining what is sought, energy)

1.  After casting your circle, turn to the four corners/directions of your magick space and ring the bell to announce yourself and call the attention of the energy around you.

2. Hold the cloves in your hands. Inhale their scent and meditate for a moment about the power of your own witchcraft, and imagine it projecting further and further out, making it noticeable to witches who are perceptive to energies. As you do this, the cloves will help carry that energy for you. Place some of the cloves in the pouch and set the rest aside.

3. Hold a bit of St. John’s Wort in your hands and hone in on your own clairvoyance and intuition. Whisper to the St. John’s Wort that you wish to strengthen your perception of other witches. Place some in the pouch and set the rest aside.

4. To complete the ritual, sprinkle some sugar onto your tongue to bring good energy and summon what you seek from the spell. Place a sugar cube in the pouch. Sprinkle the rest of the cloves and St. John’s Wort outside your house.

5. Tie up the ouch tightly and carry it with you.

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