“The Blue Boy”–An English Ghost Story–Resurrects Itself in a New Sighting Caught on Camera!


As I have mentioned in other posts our neighbors across the pond—the Brits love a good ghost story. They love them so much their newspapers, mainstream and tabloid alike publish them on a regular basis.

You can always find a good ghost story or sighting, with pictures included, in the Daily Mirror and The Star, which are both tabloids. The Guardian, a mainstream English newspaper also reports the latest paranormal sightings.

This might be the reason that 1 in 3 people in Great Britain believe in some form of paranormal activity. Just like in the U.S. more women than men hold this belief.

A widely debated ghost sighting received a lot of attention in the British papers recently. The Ten witnesses were holding a hen party in August of 2017, in America we call them bachelorette parties, at a remote estate in Argyll, Scotland.

Hen party photo 1st one

First photo taken by the lake showed nothing out of the ordinary (SeeksGhosts.com).

During the festivities to celebrate the bride-to-be these women gathered near the Loch Eck near the Coylet Inn to take photos in front of the lake and surrounding hills. When the group gathered around to view the photos on the camera they saw a young boy crouching behind a log in the second picture.

They were surprised for there were no children staying with them at this remote inn and they wondered how this boy could appear in the second photo taken just seconds after the first.

Hen party photo 2 taken seconds later (1)

The second photo, taken seconds after the first, shows a small pale boy in the left, kneeling behind a log (SeeksGhosts.com).

When they shared this photo with the Coylet staff they were told story of “The Blue Boy “.* The story so badly frightened them, they packed their bags immediately and fled the inn.

[*Collected in Scottish Ghost Stories Edited by Dane Love: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G2DL3B4/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1%5D

Several centuries before their visit a mother and her 4-year old son had visited the inn. While they slept the boy prone to sleepwalk left his bed. The next morning they found his body turned blue from the cold waters in the lock. He had drowned.

The Blue Boy ghost has been seen at the inn and surrounding area since this tragedy.

He is often heard crying. It is believed he is looking for his mother. Wet footprints are spotted in the inn’s hallways leading nowhere.

Items in Room 4 where he and his mother stayed are found moved about and for years witnesses have sensed his presence in this room.

film Blue Boy GhostIn 1994, a film (left) starring Emma Thompson was made at the Coylet about this haunting. The director, Paul Murton while editing the film saw a strange blue mist in several of the scenes. No one had seen this mist during the filming.


Since this story was published, some contend what was captured was just a clever photo-bomb but others knowing the history of the inn don’t blame the hen partygoers for leaving early.^


Additional  Reading

Creepy Kid Linked to Urban Legend Appears in Background of Hen Party Photograph

When you take a photo with 10 people it can sometimes be hard to ensure everyone looks good. Chances are someone will have blinked or left their mouth open and you’re left with a less than perfect shot.

One group of women on a hen-do in Scotland managed to capture a pretty decent shot. However, when they reviewed the burst of pictures they saw there was a very creepy addition to their crew.

Twitter: “Mansion on a lake in Scotland. No one around for miles. Hen-do. Self timer, 3 seconds apart. Look at what’s changed. Never sleep again.” – holly (@hollydca) July 19, 2017

Holly and her friends were staying at a mansion on a lake in Scotland where there was ‘no-one for miles’. Which is why they were so confused when they saw a small boy behind their group watching them.

Imagine enjoying a relaxing weekend away thinking it was just you and your girlfriends and then you see that thing.

People on social media were equally freaked out:


Holly posted a description of the place they were staying at The Coylet Inn, which sits on the shores of Loch Eck in Argyll. It was built all the way back in 1650 and is just an hour drive away from Glasgow.

But here’s where it gets creepy.

Urban legend says a boy died at The Coylet Inn and now haunts the mansion and the surrounding area. According to the book Scottish Ghosts by Dane Love, the kid is called the ‘Blue Boy’ and ‘roams through the rooms in search for his mother’.

The author adds: “He also has a habit of shifting objects around, so that items left in one room mysteriously vanish and reappear in another. Staff have encountered wet footprints in the upstairs hallway, there are none on the stairs leading to it.”

The legend goes that this kid was staying with his parents and was prone to sleep walking.

One night he got up while still fast asleep and wandered towards the Loch Eck, walked into the icy depths and drowned.

Dane says: “When his corpse was found the next day it was blue from the cold. Since that night, guests and drinkers at the inn have experienced his spirit from time to time.”

The tale has enough people scared that it was made into a TV movie starring Emma Thompson titled The Blue Boy.

Apparently when director Paul Murton was helping edit the film, a blueish mist was captured by the camera that none of the staff reported seeing on set.

Well, that seemed to be enough to leave Holly and her mates with nightmares for the rest of the trip.

Sources: Scottish Ghosts

Featured Image Credit: @hollydca/Twitter

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